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The Ultimate in Self Defence

We Train with the Best so you can too..

Our Instructors train regularly with world class martial artists to refine their skills and provide you with the best up to date information available, they are all police checked and First Aid qualified and government accredited coaches.

+20 Years Experience

Our Instructors arent made overnight or within 1 or 2 Years, they have spent years learning their craft and honing their skills so you can learn fro the best.

Discipline & Focus

Our Junior Programs are designed to teach discipline to improve your child's concentration, Focus and Confidence to make them a top performers in the game of life.

Real Self Defence

Our Programs provide realistsic self defence techniques that are designed for real life situations whether you are a junior, teen or adult.

“We encourage our student to be the best version of themselves they can be”

Years of Martial Arts Experience
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Family Friendly Environment

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Explore your Potential

Our programs are developed with the individual in mind, We help bring out their best while developing their potential within,  while building their skills and confidence.  
come and talk to us about starting your martial arts journey, whether its learning Self Defence, achieving a Black Belt, getting Fit while having some social interaction.


Personal Self Defence – The Dojo Braeside
Unit 6/314 Governor Rd
Braeside VIC 3195
0438 946 781
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Tuesday Closed
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