Who Can Study Kenpo

People from all walks of life study Kenpo, Children, Teens, Men and women People who want to exercise and to learn realistic Self Defence while at the same time, Higher Levels of Self Confidence and Improved Coordination. Most Importantly people who study Kenpo want to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones with the most practical and effective martial Arts system available today.
Unlike extremely strenuous sports such as rugby or wrestling, people of all ages can learn and enjoy Kenpo. Since we tailor our lessons to fit your own physical capabilities, you can develop self defence skills at your own pace. Kenpo is 60% Arms and 40% Legs. You dont need to be a high Kicker to do Kenpo. Kenpo is a life long benefit, the skills you learn today will last a lifetime. Have you invested in expensive health products, training equipment or physical activity only to become tired or bored with the activity and have nothing to show for your financial as well as physical investment?
Kenpo Develops Mind Body and Spirit like no other activity.
Even if you complete only an Introductory Term you will always have those acquired skills as a means of self defence or exercise to last for years to come

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